PALLADIUM – special project ZÓNA

After success in 2021 and 2022, we are continuing in 2023 with the ZÓNA project, but this time on floor +2 in PALLADIUM. ZÓNA, a stylish multifunctional space, is currently used to relax visitors to PALLADIA, space to host cultural and social events and also Hero Zone (space for gaming and VR reality gadgets).

The biggest projects in ZÓNA on floor +1, where ZÓNA was located in the first year of its existence, were Robert Vano’s exhibition WOMEN or the most successful casting of MISS CZECH REPUBLIC for 2022 and the AR DAYS festival. Thanks to this efficient use of the vacant unit, the space on floor +1 was quickly leased to a new tenant (GAP).

600 m2  space