/ Milan Scholz

Director, Retail Letting

Milan has been involved with real estate since 1993 when he obtained the California Real Estate Brokerage License for residential properties. After returning to Prague in 1994, Milan continued his career with the British real estate agency King Sturge, where he utilized his previous US and newly acquired market experience.

This culminated in him joining the (then well-known) developer ECM, where he was in charge of all sales / leasing activities in the company’s portfolio. In 2004 he took part in the development of the multi-use scheme Palladium as Leasing Manager of the project company. As such, he assumed overall responsibility all the way through to successful completion of the scheme. Milan was also involved in Interim Management for schemes in Zagreb (Croatia), Sofia and Plovdiv (Bulgaria). His current responsibilities are related to Palladium’s retail from the conceptual point of view as well as being responsible for current retail mix optimization by assigning new brands to the mall.