PALLADIUM shopping mall

Modernisation of selected parts of the PALLADIUM shopping centre in the years 2020-2023


Investor: Palladium Praha
Období realizace: 2020–2023
Role of PS Group: Project management and renovation implementation in collaboration with inPoint, Sentient, Hinton, and KART companies

The following major changes have been made: modification of the awning with tenants’ logos above the entrances, light installations in the entrance from náměstí Republiky and from the metro, roofing of the atrium at the ground floor of the shopping centre, construction of a new representative Infokiosek for customers, replacement of light sources in all the shopping centre’s commercial passages with LED sources, modification of the lighting of the tunnel leading to the +2 floor, replacement of the pavement and modernisation of the gastronomic floor, replacement of LED screen on the façade.




700 mil. CZK investment value